Many people admit that music from the 60s was meaningful, calm and had a nice rhythm to it. Sadly, there is a generation that missed out on the goodness that the 60s music gave. Welcome to, a site where we discuss all there is about the music that defined the 60s. Here, you will find enthusiasts who are willing to share more about the subject.

The 60s Rock

The 60s played a big role in the growth of rock music. This site explores the bands and individuals who rocked that season, and what made their music stand out. We analyze the kind of music that was played by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and other artists who grew in that season. You will find a reason to check out the music that was performed back then and identify why they remain a force in the music industry decades later.

60s Pop

It is during the 1960s that pop music grew to cover a range of other genres of music. It is at this time that many pop musicians started combining experimental and traditional music to come up with unique sounds. This site provides insights for you to learn about the rise of bands and producers like Motown artist and country musicians whose songs went global. We also get into the rise of hippy music.

60s Film Soundtrack

The internet is full of people seeking a list of good movies that they can watch. The love for movies is not a new phenomenon. Even in the early 60s, there was the movie craze and it was supported by musicians who released interesting soundtracks for film. Our site gives you outstanding examples of films such as Rosemary’s baby and Psychic that used 60s music to tell their stories.

Gambling and the 60s Music

Even though gambling was not as popular back then as it is now, there is a lot of 60s music that revolves around gambling and placing bets. If you want to know who the musicians behind them are, then this site gives you an analytic review of the music about gambling and what inspired the musicians to compose the songs. You will also get examples of the songs that have stood the test of time and are still popular in this era.

Consider this site your fountain of knowledge on everything you need to know about music in the 60s, and how that music affected the future. Feel free to share the information you get here.